Hump Day Chocolate Brownies.

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Every holiday has a hump day. That ‘everybody is irritating the shit out of me’ day. Where the allure of being away from home, on tour, on holiday, on a honeymoon or business trip has dissipated. It’s the day where everyone’s excitement whaps up against the reality of their surroundings or companions and each starts to miss their usual. Adrenalin fatigue. The anticipation has gone, reality has set in and the bleh spills out. Continue reading

(5) Things we love …# 13


1. This sitting room and that paving. (Images copyright Tsao McKowen Architects and Rachel Miller.) 2. RIP Charles Barsotti – gentle humourist and cartoonist. Charles Barsotti – or “Charley,” as nearly everyone called him – was born September 28, 1933, in … Continue reading

(5) Things we love …#11

Image not credited in public domain

3.  1. Food  Brought to my attention by foodie Miss T Bellow of bellowblogs. A beautiful food site: by the people, for the people – with the tagline: “Helping people become better, smarter, happier cooks.” The photos alone are enough reason to … Continue reading

Taking life lessons from a SEAL.


Back in the early mists of time, camparigirl and I went to the Galapagos islands. We were poor and couldn’t afford the fancy live-aboard boats that cost six months of our salary – so we did it our way. Flew … Continue reading

(5) Things we love …#8


1. Reflection: These mirrors. Collected from second-hand stores/car boot sales … painted white, artfully grouped and shelved. Bringing light to a room. I am stealing this idea. 2. Blue Shibori is a Japanese term for several methods of dyeing cloth and creating a pattern … Continue reading