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Working with Campari&Sofa

10922649_661920927246177_5397931636041513721_nCampari&Sofa is all about creating unique content aimed at an audience we feel has been underserved on the net. In other words – us! So if your company is looking to reach a smart, engaged, educated and loyal audience of women (and many men!) between the ages of 40 and 65 – give us a shout.

Our blog is a labour of love, so we are pretty selective about the brands we work with and look to partner with companies that are a natural fit for Campari&Sofa. Because we have such wide-ranging interests – this could include everything from art to literature, through travel, fashion, lifestyle, beauty and (of course) anything to do with cooking and baking. Not to mention cocktails!  The same goes for accepting products to review – we would only showcase things on our site that we truly love and would normally buy or use ourselves.

We can work with you through:

sponsored posts
brand ambassadorship
affiliate links

If a product has been given to us, we always include that it’s courtesy of the brand (c/o) concerned. And we would clearly mark a “Sponsored” post as being exactly that. We like to be transparent. Should you be interested in banner advertising, the same set of criteria would apply.

We’re open to offers, ideas and suggestions. So; if you’re interested in having a chat, finding out our rates or need our postal information – please email us at We’d love to hear from you.

Claudia & Sue

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