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(5) Things we love…#118

Posted in Things We Love

I have come to the conclusion I would be quite happy never having to work for money another day in my life. So – I am grateful it’s the weekend (although I am working most of it and it’s pouring with rain). At least I will be marching with thousands of fellow women while the new President starts rearranging the furniture in the White House. To cheer myself up, here are a couple of wonderful people and some dreamy things.

Notes on a conference, if not much of a scandal – BlogHer ’14

Posted in Life & Love, and Women's issues

The omens didn’t start auspicious. First, I got lost around LAX trying to find the parking lot where I was fixated my Jemima would spend a couple of nights. It turned…

A room of one’s own

Posted in Home & Decor

Nigella Lawson study
Nigella Lawson

The surface of my desk is made of heavy ceramic tiles that remind me of the Mediterranean. In reality, it was meant as a garden table but its sunny disposition makes it the perfect desk, one that, as heavy as it is, has been trailing me for the last 20 years. If I look up from it, a framed poster that sofa girl discovered on-line reminds me that “Shopping counts as cardio”. At my feet, the dogs nap on the rug, lulled by the soft purring of the keyboard.

The inmates are really well dressed here – a peek into the future

Posted in Life & Love, and Women's issues

To load the van, which included 6 people, two walkers, two canes, a step stool  and a couple of bags, took over 15 minutes.  Try and be nearly 90 years…

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