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Tag: Valentino

The Couture Game

Posted in fashion, and Style & Travel

valentinocouture12The older I get, the more many of my romanticized beliefs seem to fall over the wayside, so I am not sure I could ever believe in fate. But I love the concept of synchronicity, of things falling into spectacular and unexpected order, when we least expect it.

Take heart, I am not aiming for any grand philosophical matters today, I just want to bring up haute couture. The Paris fashion shows came to a close last week and the fashion wagon has moved on to its next chaos-filled destination –  those, like me, who do not have any affiliation with the fashion industry are left dreaming (or criticizing) over catwalk shots beaming from  Vogue’s website.

The perfection of simplicity – we choose our timeless style.

Posted in Style & Travel, Things We Love, and Women's issues

sofagirl: In honour of “Simple Week” camparigirl and I thought we would each pick one outfit that we thought was restrained perfection. I did consider jeans and a v-neck cashmere sweater – my favourite outfit of all time. But then I remembered this dress. It was designed for Celine Spring /Summer 2013 by Phoebe Philo.

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