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Tag: Top Chef

A blast from the Seventies – Chocolate Peppermint Fridge Tart

Posted in Baking, and Food & Entertaining

I’m a huge fan of “Top Chef” – the US TV show that pits proper chefs (rather than Master Chef’s home cooks) against each other. And has other proper chefs…

Simple Pleasures.

Posted in Life & Love, and Relationships

Hannah with camera in tree: family down below

It occurred to me tonight that I really hadn’t done a lot this weekend. I have a running list of ‘to dos’ that I write religiously into my diary each week. A small sample: springclean the spare room and storage space in the roof to work out what we have and what I need to buy for the McGregor house, finish some free-lance writing, sort out summer clothes, catalogue the kitchen equipment, bake a cake for Jack’s homecoming (Hannah told me a girl in her class was also adopted, and each year the whole family celebrated the day she came home to them. So we’ve embraced the idea). Teeth clean, haircut/dye, pedi-mani, book yearly mammo, go to yoga, service car etc. I didn’t leave the house all day on Saturday but to take Jack for a couple of walks.  And somehow still, I got none of it done.

Which was frustrating to realise as I transcribed my list into next week’s pages. Especially as I am going to Durban on Tues and Weds to site visit a few schools – so will be even further behind. 

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