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Tag: things we love

(5) Things we love…#151

Posted in Things We Love

It’s one of those perfect Fall days: the sun is shining but it’s not too hot and the light not quite as bright as a month ago. Before the Santa Ana winds kick back in, I am planning to take the dogs and meander out of town for a long hike. Not quite the East Coast foliage scenery but, hey, I am looking at the ocean….Have a great weekend!

(5) Things we love…#150

Posted in Things We Love

I wish there was a week – just one – without any terrible news close to home. But, between our presidency and global warming, it just doesn’t seem possible. The Northern part of California is burning in a way I have never seen in my 22 years in this state. The winds are supposed to start kicking down here tonight…pass the martini please….

(5) Things we love… #145

Posted in Things We Love

I slept like a log for 9 hours straight. It hadn’t happened in a long time. It’s mostly exhaustion and just thinking about the weekend ahead – all work – I am already tired. But Tuesday ¬†will come eventually! I really hope you are doing fun things and enjoying life. Spare a thought for me trapped behind pots and pans!

(5) Things we love…#144

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I hope you are in the mood for reading. With the heat wave that hit Southern California, anything other than sitting on the sofa, in air-conditioning, with the nose in a book, is pretty much the only option the dogs and I have. Portia ventured out early this morning and was promptly bitten by a coyote – I think they are angry about the heat too, and resenting my dogs’ indoor charmed life. Me, I am just glad I am not in Texas.

(5) Things we love…#143

Posted in Things We Love

I wake up to coyotes serenading my windows, cloaked in fog. They drive my dogs crazy, taunting them from the backyard, eating the dates fallen on the ground. Strange Summer – it hasn’t been hot in a long time and I have only gone to the beach once. Not that I am complaining: we get enough sun here in Southern California. So I will enjoy the last of the cool before the thermometer goes up again. Maybe I will steal a few hours from work next week and sneak to a beach.

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