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Tag: style

How I developed my personal style

Posted in Style & Travel

I have this long-standing habit of leafing through fashion magazines or catalogues and asking myself, on every page, “Out of the selection on these two pages, what would I buy?”. It’s a tad compulsive habit at this point, probably because I have been doing it for so long, but it’s a cheap and engaging way of spending twenty minutes.

Kim’s army: the new Barbie?

Posted in Beauty

serena-williams-portraitThe thought occurred to me yesterday that I don’t spend enough time around young people, at least not that segment of youth between 20 and 30. Not that I can think of any reasons why I should: an effort to stay relevant? The thought occurred as I found myself catering the wedding of a young couple, at a beautiful house by the ocean in Malibu, in an unusual sweltering heat, the sort of heat that hits Southern California only a handful of days a year, when the breeze goes into hiding and, if you are trapped in a chef’s coat, standing under a palm tree, preparing appetizers, you risk going mad from dehydration and sunstroke.

(5) Things we love…#48

Posted in Style & Travel, and Things We Love

A horse whisperer at work in Argentina
A horse whisperer at work in Argentina

Animal intelligence. From an interview with Sheryl Jordan, equestrian director at Salamander Resort and Spa in Middleburg, Va.
“A group of young men came from Baltimore for the day as part of a program at their school, Morgan State University. Many had never seen a horse close up. The men had bristly energy. The horses picked up on their aggressiveness and went into flight mode, galloping hard in circles. They wouldn’t let the men near them. Finally, one man sat cross-legged in front of the horse as a sign of passiveness. The horse eventually softly walked over and put his nose on the man’s head. Another man lay flat on his back; the horse put his head on his stomach. By the end of our session, everyone had tears rolling down their faces. The lesson: In vulnerability lies great strength.

Death of the pantsuit

Posted in fashion, Style & Travel, and Women's issues

claire underwood dress wellI went to a lecture a couple of days ago, held by three doctors, all female, all professionals with their own practices and/or research laboratories. It certainly wasn’t a frivolous occasion and I noticed that all of them, women in their early to late 40s, wore either a skirt or a dress and high heels. One of them, in particular, sported a lovely periwinkle sleeveless dress, cinched at the waist, with a wide skirt and golden sandals. Not your typical work attire.


How to look like an Italian woman

Posted in Style & Travel

Spotted by Vogue in Milan: a simple pair of skinny pants, basic sweater and coat
Spotted on the streets of Milan by Vogue: a simple pair of skinny pants, basic sweater and coat

My mother’s advice has always veered towards the practical and commonsense but it can be lofty at times, and downright inane if aimed at a 17 year old. The piece of advice that drove me stir crazy was: “Always wear nice underwear. You can be caught in an accident and end up at the hospital when you least expect it.”

(5) Things we love…#27

Posted in Uncategorized

Italian breakfastNot so healthy breakfasts

For all the yogurt, oatmeal with fruit and chia seeds that are the run of the mill at my breakfast table, nothing beats an old-fashioned cappuccino and croissant enjoyed standing at a coffee shop counter in Italy.  Old habits die hard. In fairness, cappuccinos are different in the land where they were invented: much smaller and much creamier, their portion making them easier to digest. And the croissants are not a French uber-buttery affair but are more cake-y and deceptively light.

Chic lit. How to be a Parisian – wherever you are.

Posted in Aging, Life & Love, and Women's issues

img_3556Baisable is the French word for Fuckable. I tell you this as I have recently been advised to: “Always be fuckable: when standing in line at the bakery on a Sunday morning, buying champagne in the middle of the night, or even picking the kids up from school. You never know.”

Now I know where I went wrong all these years. There I was trying to stay clean and coordinated when I should have focused on looking fuckable. It has obviously worked for the women who penned: How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are: Love, Style, and Bad Habits. Caroline de Maigret, Anne Berest, Audrey Diwan, and Sophie Mas are hip, happening, employed and attached mamans: the every-women of chic.

Buy a pair, give a pair – Warby Parker’s new collection

Posted in Style & Travel, and Things We Love

Warby parker fall 14
The new WP collection as modelled on pretty (and young) people

When the e-mail from Warby Parker landed in our inbox, asking us to help them spread the word about their new eyewear collection, my first instinct was: in this small patch of the web, you are preaching to the converted. And I replied within minutes (and no, no money exchanged hands for the writing of this post, that is how strongly we feel about Warby Parker).

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