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Tag: Relationships

Let’s talk about love

Posted in Life & Love

Let’s talk about love. Let’s indulge our thoughts on one of the sentiments that fills our lives and gives meaning to our days, on the myriad opportunities we have to fall in love as we go through the motions of living. Not romantic love, necessarily. If we are lucky, we experience the heart-fluttering kind only a handful of times over the course of many decades. 

All we need is…kindness?

Posted in Life & Love

Last week, I nearly choked to death. Not metaphorically – I literally nearly choked to death. But this post is not about my actual experience, as unfortunate as it was; rather, as the friend sitting next to me quickly understood what was going on, told me to get up from my seat and promptly applied the Heimlich maneuver, it’s about what happened afterwards. Or what didn’t happen.

(5) Things we love…#143

Posted in Things We Love

I wake up to coyotes serenading my windows, cloaked in fog. They drive my dogs crazy, taunting them from the backyard, eating the dates fallen on the ground. Strange Summer – it hasn’t been hot in a long time and I have only gone to the beach once. Not that I am complaining: we get enough sun here in Southern California. So I will enjoy the last of the cool before the thermometer goes up again. Maybe I will steal a few hours from work next week and sneak to a beach.

The bond between sisters

Posted in Life & Love

The last time my sister and I spent six weeks under the same roof was when I still lived at home and shared a bedroom with her teenage self. My sister is seven years younger than me and, since I left home, and the country, at age 23, we spent a couple of vacations together and she made multiple visits to wherever I happened to be living (and, recently, I visited her in Rome) but those stretches of time amounted to no longer than a week or two.

Things I lost to the dogs and the lessons I learnt

Posted in Life & Love

PortiaLooking at Portia now, peacefully napping on her bed, the mischief that is perpetually swirling in her brain is not apparent. Yet, that scoundrel, aided and abetted by her brother, Ottie, have caused their share of havoc. Neither of them has ever chewed shoes or furniture, and long ago I learnt the trick of scattering a couple of cardboard boxes with a small treat inside before leaving the house, to be sure I will return to everything as I (mostly) left it.

Love at the time of illness

Posted in Life & Love

think happy thoughtsThis story is not mine to tell. I stole it – a conversation with one of those strangers who, under certain circumstances, become intimate for a few hours, to then vanish forevermore. I should have asked for her permission to tell it but now it’s too late. I decided to write it because it poses an interesting conundrum – walking away from her, I asked myself “Would I do it? Would I go forward under the same circumstances?”

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