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Tag: positive thinking

A sick day well spent being sick.

Posted in Life & Love, and Relationships

IMG_4127Do any of you have a drawer like this? It’s in my kitchen, it’s the second drawer down, I use it every day: it always looks like this.

Things get stuck inside other things, things get put in the wrong way round, upside down, unconfined, out of order. Things lie against the grain. Sideways on. I can never find what I want for looking. And it drives me bananas.

The Tyranny of Should.

Posted in Aging, Life & Love, and Women's issues

727 by Takashi Murakami

I was laying on the sofa yesterday after a messy attempt at making chocolate truffles. It was 39C/104F outside and only a few degrees less inside the house. But for some reason I had felt I should get this done right now. So I did.

Truffle making requires cool. I should have waited until evening – or, I should have had the fans on full bore, moving the dribbles of cool air around. But I didn’t – I attempted to make the truffles in high humidity, with only one fan blowing (because I should be conserving electricity) using the wrong chocolate and marscapone (because I had it to hand and should use it up). As a result it was a shambles.

Those little things.

Posted in Life & Love

old ladies computer
I am tired of feeling tired. I am also tired of hearing myself complain about how exhausted I am. If I am boring myself, I can’t imagine what the poor souls who are close to me must be suffering.
It’s all my own doing – I have spread myself too thin for too long, prodded by a need to replenish my coffers after a couple of dry months, and a desire to add different experiences to a life that was becoming a little bit too routine. Beware what you wish for, indeed.

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