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Tag: Olive oil

Tuna, Lemon and Caper Spaghetti – with Parmesan

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IMG_3194Sundays should be about easy food. Not necessarily fast as in take-outs or convenient as in ready made. But delicious and one pot/dish if possible. I made this at the end of a busy weekend and it served us very generously. With a tiny little bit over for me to snack on at noon the next day.

I am sure I saw this recipe somewhere at some point – but I have evolved it over the years to suit my taste. It is smoky, salty, peppery, fresh and zingy when the lemon whacks it’s way past the capers and zaps your tastebuds. I am not usually a fan of cheese on fish – but it works perfectly here. It really is the ideal 20 minute pot-to-plate meal.

Pasta sauce a-la-Abo: vine to table in 30 minutes.

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The search for the perfect Tomato sauce for pasta is ongoing and delicious. My two favourites, thus far, are (camparimother) Anna-Rosa’s simmered sugo which she makes using regular crushed canned tomatoes.…

Olive Oil and Chardonnay Pound Cake with a Sharp Citrus Drizzle

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Baking has always seemed like a science to me: I’ve heard stories of epic fails – and tasted epic successes – so entering the arena always felt daunting. And unnecessary.…

Cold soup, rock lobster and a cherry or two

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IMG_0381Our friend Ryan gave great gifts this Christmas. A subscription to Taste magazine – one of SA’s best foodie bibles. And two splendid rock lobsters – that he dived for himself. With temps here as high as 36/96 – the thought of eating anything hot yesterday just didn’t sit right. So I decided to use what we already had to hand (New Year’s intention # 3).

Pollo Tonnato, my first Negroni and Omar Sharif

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Omar Sharrif and Julie Christie in Doctor Zhivago
Omar Sharif and Julie Christie in Doctor Zhivago

I first tasted this dish at the Hotel Condotti Palace. It was one of the hotels preferred by our record company in Rome (always, always a fabulous bunch of people with excellent taste) and perfectly positioned at the top of the Spanish Steps for the occasional night off. Camparigirl and I paid it a quick visit when we were in Roma during July – and it is still as understatedly elegant as ever.

One of my favourite things about the Condotti was that they had a buffet table at lunchtime. Loosely themed along ‘cucina povera’ lines – the chef would basically walk to work via the market in the morning and pick up whatever was fresh and seasonal and put six or seven dishes together. Full and robust in the winter, light and fresh in the summer.

That day, Omar Sharif – the Egyptian actor and champion bridge player, was the only other (early) diner in the bar/ restaurant. We met at the buffet and I introduced myself – telling him that my mother (who is a pretty good bridge player herself) had always admired his style. He was delighted and invited me to join him for lunch – treating me to my first Negroni ever (as an aperitif, never with food!) – and introducing me to Vitello Tonnato. It was the most delicious of lunches in all ways. Charming company, lovely food, gorgeous old-fashioned hotel dining room.

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