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Tag: literature

The magic of words

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I am not a great writer. Not a particularly good one either but I do have a firm belief – even utter reverence – for words. Whenever I come across a beautiful sentence, a string of words arranged in an unusual or striking manner, I can bask in it at length, reading and re-reading it, going back to it, letting it swirl in my head. Sometimes  I can be more attached to individual sentences than to a whole body of work.

10 Books that stayed with me

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G. G. Marquez murales
A G.G. Marquez murales in Aracataca, Colombia

My dislike for Facebook is at times mitigated by the posts from some of my favorite people. While I will avoid vacation and children photos like the plague – what is it with wanting to showcase an unrealistic and totally skewed (better) version of our lives? – I will stop for the informative, the provocative and the occasional dog video.

What books taught me about love

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War and peace
The Italian poster for the Hollywood version of “War and Peace”

My first love had a dead wife and a dark secret. Max was followed by a dashing officer, a tad too pretty for his breeches but it wasn’t until Scarlett drove home the point that “tomorrow is another day” that I woke up to the realization that a life without a man could still be worth living. 

The more we change, the more we stay the same – re-reading a classic

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View from the secret annex
View from the secret annex

At the same time as sofagirl sat down to write her piece on why books matter, I woke up with jumbled thoughts in my head and sat down to write about re-reading a classic 35 years later. Sofargirl quotes “Just like the web pages you visit most regularly, your physical bookmarks take you back to those book pages you want to return to again and again, to reabsorb and relive, finding new meaning on each visit – because the landscape of your life is different, new, “reloaded” by the very act of living.” It felt like such synchronicity that, after reading her post, I took out what I wrote, which I wasn’t sure would ever see the light of day, and thought I’d offer it to you as proof that books change with us, or we change alongside them: the more reason to hold them close .

10 Great Reads

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Whether you are planning to curl up  on the couch with a cup of cocoa or stretch languidly on a beach, these are some of our suggestions.

The Thousands Autumns of Jacob DeZoet by David Mitchell

Better known for the Booker Prize winner and best-seller “Cloud Atlas”, I fell in love with the follow-up at page 80. “Hang in there”, sofagirl counselled and I am glad I did because, if the going is a bit slow, the book then lived by my side until I devoured the last page. A wondrous and meticulously researched tale of the impenetrable Japanese kingdom in the 1700‘s told through the eyes of a lowly Dutch Indies employee, and an impossible and perilous love story, this book will transport you to a different world for its duration. The precise, lace-like intricate writing will mesmerize you too.

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