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Tag: Humor

Now that I am 50 – or 53

Posted in Health, and Women's issues

austin kleon happy artThe hot flushes might have been tamed but the moods still strike with unflappable punctuality. In the 19th century, women undergoing menopause were said to be suffering from hysteria, and I hate to admit the correlation between the term and how I sometimes feel is pretty real. Otherwise dubbed as psycho.

Just one thing at a time please – the perils of multi-tasking as we get older

Posted in Aging, and Health

How I feel most days – arms flailing independently of me

“We have become these people who have multiple jobs” mused sofagirl, during our last Skype session, both bitching about carving out time to accommodate all the jobs – paid and unpaid – that are suddenly on our plates.

When a stranger asks me what I do, I always hesitate a split second before deciding whether to bore him with the full story or just randomly pick one of my part-time jobs, possibly the one that will shut him up the fastest. Why is everyone so compulsive in needing to find out what fellow humans do for a living?

Out of the mouths of babes … talking it like they walk it.

Posted in Life & Love, and Relationships

brutal honestWhen I was a kid we would listen to Art Linkletter on the radio. The show was on a Friday evening around 6.00pm and Art was always getting the kids to say “The Darndest Things”. I used to love that show. The children were hilarious and Art had such a nice way about him. No-one ever cursed. For some reason Art used to make me feel safe.

A brief history of the world … aka how did we get here?

Posted in Life & Love, and Style & Travel

North Korea

One of the things I love about facebook is you are never too far away from a great share. Sure there are many overshares, undershares, myfavouritecatpicture shares and waytoomuchinformation shares … but my facebook friends are pretty savvy folks and come up with many gems. Like this one.

What your kitchen says about you

Posted in Food, Food & Entertaining, and Uncategorized

Paola NavoneCooking professionally has taken me to a lot of interesting places, many unexpected, such as the James Beard’s Awards, and some more fun than others, like cooking for a famous TV show, and the thrill of the adventure has helped with the drudgery of standing at my station for hours making hundreds of the same items, or being thrown out of bed at 4 am to rush to the rescue of a drunken sous-chef who was not going to make it in for the catered breakfast. All in a day’s work. Right now, cooking takes me into the kitchens of perfect strangers, who pay me to cater their dinner parties.

Revenge of the sag

Posted in Beauty, fashion, and Health

amy Adams
Amy Adams at the Golden Globes

Those (five) of you who have been following this blog from day one might remember it all started with a rant on Full Hollywood waxes, wondering in the name of what should a woman submit herself to such torture. Well, ladies, the good news is that the all nude wax is on the way out, as attested by beauticians on both coasts, who have seen that particular business diminish by as much as 70%. We might have celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Cameron Diaz who spoke out in favor of a more natural look to thank for but I would like to think women are coming to their senses.

My funny (vaguely terrifying) Valentine.

Posted in Life & Love, and Relationships

enhanced-21187-1391634119-12One of the strangest Valentine’s cards I ever received, featured a small weeping collie dog with a watermelon body. The watermelon had a heart carved in it and was dripping pink juice down into a puddle on the ground. The sentiment read: “Valentine, when I think of you, I get a little melancholy.”  Bloody hell – a little melon collie? Who came up with that?

8 things about aging I learnt from my aging dog

Posted in Life & Love

sheepdogtrials2We know for a fact that animals experience a range of feelings, from sadness and mourning, to happiness and contentment but, unlike us, animals don’t experience self-pity, as D.H. Lawrence eloquently and bluntly expressed in his poem Self Pity:

I never saw a wild thing

sorry for itself.

A small bird will drop frozen dead from a bough

without ever having felt sorry for itself.

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