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Tag: healthy-living

A spare tire I don’t need – fat and menopause

Posted in Health, and Women's issues

Spare tire“Do you know where you get your hormones from?”

Perched on my doctor’s table, I mumble something about ovaries.

“Yes, you get them from your ovaries, your adrenal system and fats. So, when your hormones drop during menopause and maybe there is an imbalance in your adrenals, your body starts storing fat trying to balance things out. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Anyhow, you are not menopausal yet so let’s talk about what you can do in the meantime”.

Sitting in a movie theatre with my eyes closed – giving group meditation a try

Posted in Health, Uncategorized, and Women's issues

I am no stranger to meditation. The very first yoga class I ever took, over 18 years ago, happened to be a free meditation class on January 1, 1996. I…

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