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Tag: grief

How to write a condolence note

Posted in Life & Love

I am known to have a potty mouth  that I am not particularly proud of and, sometimes, in social settings, I can utter the most inappropriate pronouncements – although, with age, I have tamed somewhat the relationship between my brain and my mouth. But, in a strange dichotomy, I can be a stickler for etiquette.

(5) Things we love…#54

Posted in Things We Love

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J.Crew – I was rather harsh on Jenna Lyons a couple of years ago, when I wrote her an open letter complaining of the scarcity of garments someone like me – her ideal customer – could choose from. Now, every time I receive J Crew’s catalogue, I must restrain myself from whipping out the credit card and start ordering. So many pretty and easy things for the Summer!

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