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Tag: entertainment

(5) Things we love…#126

Posted in Things We Love

Sometimes, you just need zebras. I promise none of the animals in this week’s edition are sappy stories about real animals. The John Oliver’s segment on zebras had me in stitches and, during the past week, zebras popped into my minds when I most needed them. Goes to show my mind might be seriously warped….happy Friday!

(5) Things we love…#124

Posted in Things We Love

Yes. The weekend again! One I can enjoy in full, assuming the plumber restores water to my abode. I have a long hike planned, and a peek into a Trisha Brown performance on Sunday. To satisfy both the bucolic and the city girls who reside in me. My week was punctuated by a few chuckles here and there and some mindless tv enjoyed in my pjs (having a proper excuse for not washing). I am passing it all along.

Tv dinners and fat closets. But where is MY show?

Posted in Things We Love, and Women's issues

sex_and_the_city_2_05For someone who professes not to watch much tv, my Sunday nights are now cannibalized by it. Even stranger because usually I watch any show I might be interested in either on demand or via streaming, without worrying about the time and day of broadcast. But there is something appealing about Sunday nights, an evening usually spent at home dreading the Monday alarm clock.

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