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Tag: decorating with Ikea

(5) Things we love…#125

Posted in Things We Love

I don’t know about you, but I am becoming a pro at concentrating on what is good, while so much around us is dire. Maybe gathering the strength for something momentous? Maybe. Maybe just trying not to take myself so seriously. Work again this weekend but not too much. Thinking of trying a new Indian restaurant on Sunday. You?

Not just meatballs – a run through Ikea’s novelties

Posted in Home & Decor

kitchen cartA few weeks ago I trekked to Ikea in Burbank to look for a rug for my bedroom. Two hours later I left with no rug but with $200 of assorted merchandise I picked up here and there. The way all the Ikea stores are laid out makes it impossible to leave empty-handed but, on this particular occasion, the pickings were really ripe.

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