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Tag: dalai lama

In kind … are we better off with less?

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482113_10151559667451271_950065831_nI’ve noticed an upswing on upbeat over the past few months.

It started with Facebook where people are sharing videos, images and stories that are intended to make us think happy thoughts.  And is continuing in ‘real’ life.  In the past week I have been introduced to:

– the elephant, orphaned by poachers, lying down to sleep … little trunk reached out to touch his keeper’s hand.
– the Baptist Church protesting bigotry on their notice board
– the man who painted his house in rainbow colours as a comment against his church’s (directly over the road from his house) rigid anti-gay marriage stance.
– the 13-year old Kenyan herder, Richard Turere, who saw lions killing his father’s cattle, but noticed they were scared of moving lights.  So he invented blinking Lion lights to deter them. He saved the lions, the cattle and caught the attention of an investor.  Richard is now running a small successful business while he attends school.

And I wondered – what’s changed? Are we coming out of our funk? And into a place where we will work with each other?  Do we harmonise, help out and support more than we did before sub-prime mortgages brought us to our knees?

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