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Tag: contemporary art

At the intersection of art and ethical travelling

Posted in Style & Travel

In just over four weeks I will be taking a (extraordinarily long) flight to Cape Town to meet sofagirl. While plotting what to do over the two weeks I will be spending there – besides “elephant stalking” – she asked me whether I would be interested in visiting one of the townships on the outskirts of the city.

The Last Great Adventure is You

Posted in Style & Travel

tracey emin
Tracey Emin with one of the bronzes of the exhibition

It’s not called White Cube for nothing. I walked into the large, wide space knowing little more than it was a Tracey Emin’s exhibition of new works. I have liked Tracey Emin since the unmade bed provocation at the Turner Contemporary in London in 1999: an unmade bed of stained bed sheets, cigarette butts and used condoms that represented a period of depression after a difficult breakup.

Toothpicks, buttons and cups: re-purposing as an art form

Posted in Things We Love

Can you tell what this is made of?
Can you tell what this is made of?

When my friend Marie first put New York artist Tara Donovan on my radar, telling me in glowing words about an exhibition she had visited in Denmark, I looked at the photos and yes, I could see what the fuss might be about, but, visually, it all seemed a bit bland.
“You really have to see it close up – the photos don’t do the pieces justice” Marie said.

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