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Tag: Buddhism

Sorry Buddha, but I see Jack.

Posted in Life & Love

The varmint – afterwards

I love Jack, as I am sure you all know. And I feel we have a routine and an understanding that we both uphold. So, despite the fact that I have a headache and summer cold, that my bones are sore and my throat scratchy: I keep my end of the deal – and take him for a walk. He gets two a day. One a faster workout. The other a general neighbourhood sniff.

The weather is perfect, no wind and 22 degrees. As we amble along, birds tweeting, river gurgling: I feel my mood shifting and improving. A minute, later the bugger is gone.

An Exercise in Gratitude

Posted in Life & Love

Abandoned truckEvery year, I take a stab at it, at being a better person. The subject tends to come up around my birthday, an occasion I am prone to celebrate with much fanfare, as if my immediate world should give a damn about the momentous occasion of my birth. But friends and family all humor me and, at least, pretend rather well (under penalty of loss of friendship, maybe).

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