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Tag: beauty

Hair and skincare fatigue

Posted in Beauty, and Health

Graffiti by Anastasia Brennab
Graffiti by Anastasia Brennab

A couple of years ago, once I got home after a fundraising lunch, I looked in the goodie bag that had been left under my chair, and found a pair of attractive bottles of shampoo and conditioner. I had read about these products online, in passing – clearly a well orchestrated media campaign, if even I took notice.

The changing shape of beauty

Posted in Beauty, and Life & Love

Bette MidlerI caught myself staring at a naked picture of Kim Kardashian. Ok, maybe hard to avoid but, even worse, I got tangled into reading celebrities’ and commoners’ tweets in response to the picture (that old fox of Bette Midler was the funniest: “Kim Kardashian tweeted a nude selfie today. If Kim wants us to see a part of her we’ve never seen, she’s gonna have to swallow the camera).

You’re beautiful – it’s true.

Posted in Life & Love, Relationships, and Things We Love

Shea Glover is an 18-year-old student at a performing arts high school in Chicago. She created an independent art project around the idea of beauty – asking her fellow students to allow her to take a photo of them. When they wondered why – she simply replied: “Because I am photographing things that I think are beautiful.”

Kim’s army: the new Barbie?

Posted in Beauty

serena-williams-portraitThe thought occurred to me yesterday that I don’t spend enough time around young people, at least not that segment of youth between 20 and 30. Not that I can think of any reasons why I should: an effort to stay relevant? The thought occurred as I found myself catering the wedding of a young couple, at a beautiful house by the ocean in Malibu, in an unusual sweltering heat, the sort of heat that hits Southern California only a handful of days a year, when the breeze goes into hiding and, if you are trapped in a chef’s coat, standing under a palm tree, preparing appetizers, you risk going mad from dehydration and sunstroke.

Clothing optional

Posted in Health, and Women's issues

Parts___2_by_mjranum_stock-884x1000-1Do women in Italy wear underwear? an unknown person typed in a search engine and, somehow, landed on our blog. Among the more prosaic search terms that lead to Campari and Sofa, this question stood out. What prompted someone to wonder? Was it a woman embarking on her first trip to Italy, wishing to blend in with the locals? Or a man, plotting his way to second base on his upcoming vacation? And what kind of reputation do Italian women have? (for the record, I believe most do wear underwear. In fact, cute underwear stores abound).

(5) Things we love…#54

Posted in Things We Love

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J.Crew – I was rather harsh on Jenna Lyons a couple of years ago, when I wrote her an open letter complaining of the scarcity of garments someone like me – her ideal customer – could choose from. Now, every time I receive J Crew’s catalogue, I must restrain myself from whipping out the credit card and start ordering. So many pretty and easy things for the Summer!

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