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Tag: Austin Kleon

(5) Things we love…#152

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Next week we will let go of Summer time, our days will become shorter, and apples and oranges will fill our fruit bowls for months to come. I look forward to all of it (probably because sub-zero temperatures and snow blizzards are not in the cards where I live). For now, I will enjoy the last truly hot weekend of the year. Have a great one, wherever you are, whatever the weather.

(5) Things we love…#136

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I came back from vacation to two weeks of insane work. Still basking in the relaxation of the time off and the reframing that always happens when very far away, I got through it all without hiccups. But I am glad to have the next few days to myself with no other plans than to plan my birthday. I am going to sit back, relax, read and waste time looking at cute animals on FB. Your plans?

(5) Things we love…#50

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Mark Bradford 2I have never understood the venom hurled at Gwyneth Paltrow, by the press and bloggers alike. Since she started her lifestyle site, Goop, not a month has gone by without some critic feeling compelled to ridicule her or just be plain mean. Gwyneth happens to be beautiful, talented ad comes across as a decent human being. And no, she doesn’t quite live the life the rest of us do, but so what if most of the vacation suggestions to be found on Goop require a platinum card and most of the fashion on sale is beyond my reach? The woman has style and I sometimes draw some inspiration the same way I do from Vogue – I won’t buy St. Laurent but it can give me ideas. And, this week, I found a couple of interesting things on Goop I felt worthy of a share.

(5) Things We Love …#57.

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8.jpg.CROP.original-originalI want to share beautiful things this week. Because I think we forget how much beauty there is in the world. Especially when what we read is negative and fearful and out of our hands. We forget that beauty is not perfection – that often beauty is in the discomfort and cracks and spills and fails. That sometimes beauty is awkward and ungainly. That sometimes it just isn’t our cup of tea. It may not be – sure – but we can appreciate it anyway.

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