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Tag: animals’ rights

(5) Things we love…147

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If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, we have entered Fall. If you are Jewish or Muslim, we are entering a brand new year. It’s not happenstance all these occasions coincide with the Autumn equinox as this was the time when harvesting drew to a close, and communities celebrated the bounty before squirrelling it away for the Winter. In any case, the days are getting a bit shorter and the air a bit chillier. I am planning to enjoy the cooler sun and the dissipating crowds.

Should animals have (human) rights?

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ChickenI ate chicken today. Marinated in a tamari-based sauce, it was grilled to perfection and very tasty. Meat is hardly ever my meal of choice but a life without Parma ham is not a life worth living as far as I am concerned. And I am partial to the occasional duck breast. But, increasingly, I am finding it hard to justify eating living creatures, even as I accept that man was built to metabolize and process animal proteins.

Extraordinary women: Anna Merz, the rhino angel

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Ms. Merz with Samia
Ms. Merz with Samia – Photo by Boyd Norton

The roar of the helicopter breaks the silence of the otherwise undisturbed plains. A man leans out and fires a couple  of tranquilizer darts into the thick hide of the rhino. Dust kicked up, grass blades flattened, a handful of men jump out  and get to work on the sleeping animal: its horn is sawed off haphazardly in a matter of minutes and, the helicopter already high in the sky, the rhino is left in unimaginable pain to bleed to death. This scenario plays out over and over, day in and day out, in countless African countries where rhinos live.

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