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Tag: Aging

(5) Things we love…#120

Posted in Things We Love


I am smelling Valentine’s day already. Cards, chocolates and useless gifts are upon us. I will be avoiding restaurants like the plague and just celebrate at home with a home-made dinner for four this year. Truly surrounded by people (and animals) I love. Wishing you a festive one, whether it’s a walk at sunset with your pooch or binge watching Netflix with your best friend. Just make your Tuesday fun.

The bond between sisters

Posted in Life & Love

The last time my sister and I spent six weeks under the same roof was when I still lived at home and shared a bedroom with her teenage self. My sister is seven years younger than me and, since I left home, and the country, at age 23, we spent a couple of vacations together and she made multiple visits to wherever I happened to be living (and, recently, I visited her in Rome) but those stretches of time amounted to no longer than a week or two.

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