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Mastering small talk

Posted in Life & Love

I have always considered myself awful at the kind of small talk that takes place among strangers at dinner parties or business meetings. It’s not that I cannot come up with bland topics to dissect for a few minutes at a time but it’s that I find it intensely boring, my eyes gloss over quickly and my mind starts pining for the sofa and a book.

(5) Things we love…#121

Posted in Things We Love

According to most of my American friends, the world is heading towards a period of gloom and doom. Time for some heroes. Not of the super variety – just ordinary people capable of extraordinary acts of love. If it all looks a bit like a giant reading assignment, just pick what resonates. I also threw in a heart-warming video (no dogs, I promise) and a yoga idea.

Prawn, potato and avocado salad

Posted in Food & Entertaining, and Uncategorized

My sister is mystified by my (very American) embrace of Valentine’s Day, a holiday nobody pays attention to in Italy. In truth, my version mostly entails an exchange of cards and a collaborative meal, but this year, because she is here with her boyfriend, I thought we would use the occasion for a bit of fun.

(5) Things we love…#120

Posted in Things We Love


I am smelling Valentine’s day already. Cards, chocolates and useless gifts are upon us. I will be avoiding restaurants like the plague and just celebrate at home with a home-made dinner for four this year. Truly surrounded by people (and animals) I love. Wishing you a festive one, whether it’s a walk at sunset with your pooch or binge watching Netflix with your best friend. Just make your Tuesday fun.

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