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Campari & Sofa Posts

A little stroll down memory lane .. toys of the 60s and 70s

Posted in Things We Love

Clackers, marbles, yo-yos. Fischer-Price Garages and Kitchens, Bright green slime, plasticine, laugh-bags. Enid Blyton, Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys. Space Hoppers and Chopper bikes … all of these things…

Flaked Gammon in a Broth of Summer Greens

Posted in Food & Entertaining

por_1178My nieces and nephew spend Tuesdays and Fridays with me each week and I like to come up with something interesting, nourishing and fun for them to eat for supper. They’re a tough crowd:  if they don’t like something they will tell me straight: no bacon in hamburger mix – “why would you? Bacon is for breakfast, burgers are for burgers.”

Tracey of Bellowblogs introduced us to this Jamie Oliver recipe one holiday when we were staying in a cottage in the middle of the mountains in the Overberg. It was 28/82 windless degrees outside and, at first blush, it seemed a mad dish to be eating in the heat. But it worked so splendidly – I’ve been making it ever since. The kids love it – broth and all … though “none of that liquorice tasting vegetable please – liquorice is for sweets not soup.”

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