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Campari & Sofa Posts

Cold soup, rock lobster and a cherry or two

Posted in Food, and Food & Entertaining

IMG_0381Our friend Ryan gave great gifts this Christmas. A subscription to Taste magazine – one of SA’s best foodie bibles. And two splendid rock lobsters – that he dived for himself. With temps here as high as 36/96 – the thought of eating anything hot yesterday just didn’t sit right. So I decided to use what we already had to hand (New Year’s intention # 3).

Re-arranging the body – one part at a time

Posted in Health, and Things We Love

New Year often brings with it resolutions to change how we look. Mostly unmanageable, uncharacteristic and unmaintainable.  Photographer Fabien Nissels took it a step further. By photographing each of his friend Johan’s body parts…

If manners maketh the man … does long hair after 50 maketh the woman?

Posted in Aging, fashion, and Relationships

Vogue Fashion Editors over the decadesPhoto by Annie Leibovitz
Vogue Fashion Editors over three decades
Photo by Annie Leibovitz

I was in the hairdresser last weekend having my hair cut. I like to keep my hair short because I think it suits me: so I have a gamin cut aka a pixie crop – though the word pixie is a bit inappropriate when applied to a 50-something woman. My hair has been short for well over a decade … and I love it. I am a “shower-to-out-the-door-in-20-mins” gal – can’t be bothered with blow drying and products and curlers.  When I was working this gave me an extra forty minutes in the morning – time always better spent under the covers than under a hairdryer.

No-one raised an eye in NYC. Or while I was travelling the world. Once in London a friend asked me if I thought the reason I was still single was because my hair was short. He was well intentioned – and backed away as soon as I responded: “Possibly – but where does it stop? Men like big boobs too … shall I have implants?”

A cuppa, some scones and the Mad Hatter

Posted in Food, and Food & Entertaining

Choc cakeThe woman’s house was destroyed in an air raid and the kind policeman steered her towards a salvaged chair, made her sit and uttered the magic words “You stay here. I will make you a cup of tea”. The scene is from my current flavor of the month British TV show, “Foyle’s War”, but it does sum the oft mocked British attitude towards life that a cup of tea is a panacea for life’s ills.

At the cost of being branded an Anglophile, I am inclined to agree. Coffee jumpstarts my brain but, at the end of a long day, it’s a hot cup of tea I crave .  When it’s getting dark outside and I need to welcome the evening, feet propped on the coffee table. Or when my fingers are tired of typing and I need a mental break, it’s the kettle and my favourite blue mug I reach for.

Things we almost forgot about ourselves, aka – this much I’m going to let you know about me

Posted in About Us

We accepted taking the open road‘s challenge when she nominated us for A Versatile Blogger Award. Two things appealed to us about her nomination – one that we would be able…

10 Great Reads

Posted in Things We Love


Whether you are planning to curl up  on the couch with a cup of cocoa or stretch languidly on a beach, these are some of our suggestions.

The Thousands Autumns of Jacob DeZoet by David Mitchell

Better known for the Booker Prize winner and best-seller “Cloud Atlas”, I fell in love with the follow-up at page 80. “Hang in there”, sofagirl counselled and I am glad I did because, if the going is a bit slow, the book then lived by my side until I devoured the last page. A wondrous and meticulously researched tale of the impenetrable Japanese kingdom in the 1700‘s told through the eyes of a lowly Dutch Indies employee, and an impossible and perilous love story, this book will transport you to a different world for its duration. The precise, lace-like intricate writing will mesmerize you too.

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