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Old scars

Posted in Aging, Life & Love, Relationships, and Women's issues

Best_Friends_by_SinfulEyes1In the face smiling at me, a face I haven’t set eyes on in over 30 years, I can still see the  sweet expression of the six-year old who used to hold my hand on the way back from school. My best friend through elementary and middle school is right there, at the center of her Facebook page, a life unspooled away from me: her son, her companion, her trips – mostly the happy occasions we like to share with the world.

Don’t call me ma’am

Posted in Life & Love, and Women's issues

The Queen 13
The highlight of my brief stint working for a bookstore was seeing Gloria Steinem approach my register. She exuded poise, beauty and strength and I missed an opportunity to express my admiration; I took the stack of magazines she handed me (no, Ms. was not one of them) and I rang her up. I didn’t even address her in any particular way, either than “Hello, thank you and you are welcome” but I wonder how she would have reacted had I called her “ma’am”.

The Power of Positive Thinking, as an antidote to fear?

Posted in Aging, and Life & Love

surf_-_big_wave_wallpaper_e781aDale Carnegie’s positive thinking books featured large on our bookshelves in the sixties/seventies. My dad was an insurance salesman – a tough job in the highly competitive life market. Roy would leave home in his big camel coloured Valiant – heading out across the country on a Monday morning, returning exhausted on a Thursday afternoon.  Having spent the week keeping himself and (when he became the boss) ‘his guys’ focused and motivated.

His job meant we moved towns pretty much every two years. Into a hotel, then a rented flat, and finally to a house, built under my mom’s watchful eye. My brother and I went to a new school each time. We were always the new kids.

Women who inspire – Sujatha Baliga

Posted in Life & Love, and Women's issues

baliga_headshot_no_smile_smallHow do countries move beyond unspeakable atrocities? After World War II, the Nuremberg trials dealt with some of the Nazi criminals, allowing for a modicum of closure. In more recent times, countries plagued by civil wars have tended to adopt the South African model of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, created after the end of apartheid, in which perpetrators and victims come face to face; the former accept their responsibilities and the latter have an opportunity to voice their stories. Think of Rwanda and, to a certain extent, Bosnia.

Forgiveness is not always possible but it’s at the core of this process, devised so that former enemies but still citizens of the same country can move on and live side by side.

The Other “Queen”

Posted in Style & Travel

The unmistakable Tube
The unmistakable Tube

Text by camparigirl – Images curated by sofagirl

That I chose to live in London, fresh out of college, surprised many who knew me. I was born in Bologna, a vibrant and colorful Italian city of easy friendships and easy living, known as the Learned, the Fat and the Red (la Dotta, la Grassa e la Rossa): for the oldest University in the Western World, the outstanding food and the red roofs and porticos that are its trademark (or, according to some, for its extremely left leaning policies).

The burnt sienna and deep terracotta my eyes filled with day and day out growing up were definitely nowhere to be found in London, nor were expansive people or, for that matter, good food.

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