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Campari & Sofa Posts

40 foot-square apartments in Hong Kong – extreme communal living.

Posted in Home & Decor

Hong Kong Apartment Life
Hong Kong Apartment Life

When I was looking for somewhere to live in NY I was staggered by the size of the apartments that I viewed. London was bad enough – but here you apparently had to stand up to pee, there was no kitchen – if you didn’t count a double hot plate, the bedroom was a tiny slip of a space, and forget closets.

My friend Carla said to me: “Now listen Miss Sue, I know you are going to try and save money … but get yourself somewhere fabulous to live, you are going to need it.” And after 30 viewings I did – a light, bright, big apartment in an uncool spot behind the Lincoln Centre. It was right on the West Side highway and cost a bomb but I didn’t care – the traffic sounded like the sea and I even had a little balcony. Carla was right – it was my sanctuary

Those horrors in NYC paled into significance when I saw this photo series of unbelievably cramped apartments in Hong Kong. Which was exactly the reaction the human rights organization Society for Community Organization (SoCo) was hoping for when they commissioned the project.

The Perfection of Prada … our dream winter wardrobe.

Posted in Style & Travel

camparigirl's top pick
camparigirl’s top pick

If we have one thing in common with the Devil, aka Anna Wintour, it’s that we, too, love Prada. campariandsofa’s affair with Miuccia Prada is long-standing and runs deep. While our budgets may only stretch to the (very) occasional pair of shoes, a purse or a heavily discounted item from a past collection: we still  revel in Ms. Prada’s vision. Miuccia doesn’t see women as objects of desire (or as objects of any kind): her woman is strong, often uncompromising, but soft around the edges. With clear intent and a healthy dose of self-assurance.

A little of what you fancy does you good: the real benefits of coffee.

Posted in Food & Entertaining, Health, and Women's issues

I start most every day the same way: with a cup of coffee and peanut buttered whole-wheat toast (which I share with Jack). My cuppa must be medium roast, extra…

That ever shifting glass ceiling – things we learnt on our way up (and out)

Posted in Life & Love, and Women's issues

working women posterHer name was Catherine and she was after my boss. Had it been my previous boss, I wouldn’t have cared – part of my job was keeping at bay the women he bedded all over Europe , who jammed my phone line trying to reach him. But this time it was different. Catherine was pretty, smart, blonde and full chested. And I was sleeping with my boss. (Sofagirl sent me a postcard once that still hangs in my kitchen – it’s a drawing of a frizzy haired woman stating “I met the enemy and they are thin blondes with big boobs”. As I have always been a flat chested brunette, you can see how the thought hit home).

Wisdom from younger women – Part 2: the Victoria Secret Angel

Posted in Life & Love, and Relationships

We tend to look to the experienced or the aged for our wisdom. Assuming that years play the major part in assembling the experiences from which smarts are distilled. Recently camparigirl and I have come across wise thoughts by women young enough to be our daughters. Words that have stopped us in our tracks and started us thinking. Last week camparigirl introduced a wonderful young women she met on NPR through Story Corps: I wanted to tell you about a Victoria Secret model called Cameron Russell.

Whole-wheat Rosemary Focaccia

Posted in Baking, Food, and Food & Entertaining

Wholewheat flatbreadIt’s official: the Mediterranean diet will keep you healthy, it will lower the risks of clogged arteries and their consequences all the while allowing you to eat yummy foods, including chocolate. What it will not do is help you lose weight. I am summing up  in two lines a rigorous study done by the University of Barcelona, Spain, over the course of seven years, a study that has made headlines the world over. As if we didn’t know that eating grains, vegetables, pulses, nuts and fish was good for us. And yes,  I we  also knew dark chocolate is very good for you. And sofagirl we also knew a glass of wine a day keeps the doctor away.

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