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SOFA_2_2We love to get emails from you asking about aspects of C&S and how we do what we do – and reply to each and every one. But for fast reference and easy reading –  we thought we would address some of the most oft-asked questions here.

Why the name Campari and Sofa?

The very short answer is that the blog was born on a sofa (in Rome) while two best friends chatted about the future over a glass of Campari and fresh orange juice. A bag of salted crisps may have been involved too.  For more of our story, you can click here.

I like one of your posts – mind if I reproduce it on my blog/website?


The web can be a bit of a  Wild Wild West, so we really appreciate you asking.  We believe in the values espoused by Link with Love (Read more about them here.) and so, our answer would most likely be a “Yes”. Providing that our post was not used in a context or on a site we believe to be offensive or discriminatory. In return we would ask that you credit campari&sofa and add a link back to our site. Also let us know when your link becomes active and we will be sure to visit your page and comment.

Can I use one of your photos?

Again, nice of you to ask. Our photos come from various sources: those that belong to us, some we have obtained permission to use only on our site, and others that are held in the public domain without credit. If you find we have inadvertently used a photo that belongs to you – let us know immediately. We promise to give you the appropriate credit and link to your site, or to take the photo down if that is your wish.  Any photo that is credited to us, is copyrighted to us – and we would be happy to discuss you using it, for non-commercial purposes.  All images representing the work of living artists, other than those used to review an exhibition, are always used with the artist’s permission.

Can I write a post for Campari and Sofa?

Right now our blog is an expression of our lives, who we are and what we believe. Our voices are different, but unique.  And our posts very personal.  So we want to keep it like that for now. But who knows – maybe one day we will pour you a cocktail and invite you toguest blog on something that fascinates us.  We do occasionally run two features: A Life in the Day and This Much I Know, which bring to C&S other women’s lives and experience.  If you have something to say, or some wisdom to share = get in touch! We would love to interview you and make you part of the dialogue.

Will you guest-blog for me?

We never say never – so, yes, if something we have to say is a good match for your blog – we will definitely consider it. If you are running a large, more commercially oriented site, we would be happy to chat, but would expect some form of compensation in return.  Writing is work – work we love. But work none-the less.

Can I find Campari&Sofa anywhere else on the wildwildweb?

Yes! We’re multidimensional.

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