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Category: Women’s issues

The other has a face

Posted in Life & Love, and Women's issues

She slides in the chair next to me, at the round table where I am munching on chicken and salad. I notice the Valentino shoes, the beautiful peach purse that matches her blouse and hijab, the pretty smile and flawless make-up. Glancing at the badges stuck on our chest, we perform polite introductions. There is a silence I feel compelled to fill.

Reframing what it means to cook

Posted in Food & Entertaining, and Women's issues

Until she divorced, when I was already in my 20s, my mother was a homemaker. Being the disgruntled teenager that I was, I criticized her to martyrdom for her choice not to work, as I saw it, and spend her time cooking two meals a day, shuttling my sister and I all over town and, the worst offense of all in my book, waiting on my father hand and foot.

Beauty in the details

Posted in Things We Love, and Women's issues

aleah chapinI am no stranger to old, naked bodies, especially female. During the course of the hours I spend volunteering at the hospital, I see bodies ravaged by disease, scarred by surgery or just plain old. There is something about a hospital setting that allows for intimacy and a shedding of prudery. There is also a generosity in women who share their stories, complete with images to match.

The case for hiring older workers

Posted in Life & Love, and Women's issues

M&MYears ago, while interviewing candidates for a pastry cook position, I ended up hiring a woman older than me. She was fresh out of cooking school and was looking for her first job in order to build a resume. To me, it was a no brainer. I knew she would be reliable, committed and with sound judgment – what she might have lacked in stamina (kitchen work is physically demanding) she would make up in work ethics.

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