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A citrus bounty – Home made “Mandarinello”

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Citrus BowlMy citrus trees are on overdrive. When I moved to this house, nearly ten years ago, it was clear the previous owners were into growing their own fruit and vegetables, a task I would have gladly carried on were I not the most incompetent gardener  and for the small matter of a very demanding job that left me no time to coddle zucchini and lettuce.

The vegetable enclosure was thus dismantled but the fruit trees managed to prosper in spite of me. I have not bought a lemon in ten years,and, right about now, the orange and mandarin trees, grown into adulthood, are providing me with an extra workout – it helps they are perched on an unforgiving hillside.

Fear and Loathing

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Munch screamFriday night and dinner at some friends’ house.

“Did you put the snakes away?” are the first words that blurt out of my mouth after the usual pleasantries.

“Yes, they are locked up in a room but you can see them if you want” the host volunteers.

“Oh god absolutely not”. Puzzled looks around me, mostly because I live in an area where snakes are as commonplace as grass, especially rattlers. So how am I managing, they are all thinking?

The Business of Cheating

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The first time the e-mail came through my inbox, I just deleted it, mildly annoyed that spam didn’t pick it up. The second time, I was intrigued and opened it. “Married but Lonely”, the header said and, “Why Wait? Have an affair with a cheating wife in your area today – Search the largest site of cheating wives”. Whoever hides behind this business, they either got my sex wrong or  they were trying to recruit me. I didn’t really care to find out which was which but I became rather  obsessed with the thought of this multitude of wives everywhere, offering their services. A cheap thrill? A way to round up the paycheck? Wasn’t there an inherently high risk of being discovered, should the husband decide to avail himself of such services? Or a family friend? I simply didn’t believe these women were for real or, at least, their photos couldn’t be (you can check “a fine example” here).

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