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Category: Uncategorized

The Business of Cheating

Posted in Life & Love, Relationships, Uncategorized, and Women's issues

The first time the e-mail came through my inbox, I just deleted it, mildly annoyed that spam didn’t pick it up. The second time, I was intrigued and opened it. “Married but Lonely”, the header said and, “Why Wait? Have an affair with a cheating wife in your area today – Search the largest site of cheating wives”. Whoever hides behind this business, they either got my sex wrong or  they were trying to recruit me. I didn’t really care to find out which was which but I became rather  obsessed with the thought of this multitude of wives everywhere, offering their services. A cheap thrill? A way to round up the paycheck? Wasn’t there an inherently high risk of being discovered, should the husband decide to avail himself of such services? Or a family friend? I simply didn’t believe these women were for real or, at least, their photos couldn’t be (you can check “a fine example” here).

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