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Category: Things We Love

Summer Accessories – Words and Lyrics

Posted in Things We Love

BooksThis year’s vacation saw me going from my pajamas to a pair of jeans and t-shirt and hiking boots for hikes in the forest or walks on the windswept beaches of the coast of Oregon. There were no pretty sandals or colorful beach bags packed in my suitcase but, rather, a stack of books, virtual or paper, writing implements and some music. The only pretty pair of shoes I brought (just in case) never saw the outside of the suitcase.

A Life in the Day: Lazy Laura Maisey – blogger and cafe-wallah… extraordinaire.

Posted in Life & Love, Relationships, Things We Love, and Women's issues

Laura, in Rome with coffee someone served her.

“I wake at 6.40am and get dressed. I’m due in work at 7am and always believe I can drink a cup of tea in those 15 minutes. Only one thing stops this from happening though… I have a fear of hot drinks. So I pour out my cup of tea, mooch around getting my bag ready, choosing which big winter coat I should wear on this June day (!) and checking if my tea is cool enough to drink yet. It isn’t. So I take it with me down the road to work. My commute takes me 46 seconds.

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