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Category: Things We Love

Ashes to Ashes … dust to Trees? Biodegradable urns for the green dead.

Posted in Aging, and Things We Love

The Bios Urn
The Bios Urn

How would you like to grow into a tree after you die?

You don’t find many hip, happening product designers working in the funeral business.  But Catalan artist Gerard Moline has been thinking about creative ways for us to add to this world as we leave it. He has combined the romantic notion of life after death with an eco-solution to the dirty business of the actual transition or disposal. And come up with the  Bios Urn, a completely biodegradable urn that contains a tree seed.

Future ancient history – LA graffiti

Posted in Things We Love

She looks at me every time I go to work
She looks at me every time I go to work

During one of our now customary Thursday beach walks, I mentioned to my friend Marie my idea to do a post on LA street art, and that I had to start driving around with a camera. What followed left me slightly speechless: Marie rattled off names and locations of murals all over the city, names  and websites of graffiti artists and I felt I was walking next to a living catalogue of graffiti art. Back in her office, she sent me dozens and dozens of photos she has been taking over the last few months, a compendium on who is “dirtying” LA walls everywhere (for which I am forever grateful, sparing me miles and gas).

The reason I was surprised is that Marie’s job, when she is not snapping around town, is Conservator of Antiquities.

Ten objects of desire – fantasy shopping with Campari & Sofa

Posted in fashion, and Things We Love

“Instinctively , we reach out for attractive things; beauty literally moves us…”

says Lance Hosey in his article “Why we love beautiful things”.  Apparently scientific studies clearly show that our brain is wired to instruct our hands to move towards anything we perceive as beautiful. No surprise there for us … it certainly explains our Prada obsession. But what stops us actually taking everything we see as being beautiful and making it our own? Is it frugality or a lack of finance? And for some people – does this hard-wiring turn into obsession and become compulsive buying?

In our Sunday Skype-chats, sofagirl and I pondered Hosey’s contention. And decided that thought is worth a post of its own another time. Meantime, we wondered;” if money was no issue, what five objects would we each pull from our dreams into our every day?”  And here’s where that thought took us:

Re-arranging the body – one part at a time

Posted in Health, and Things We Love

New Year often brings with it resolutions to change how we look. Mostly unmanageable, uncharacteristic and unmaintainable.  Photographer Fabien Nissels took it a step further. By photographing each of his friend Johan’s body parts…

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