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Category: Things We Love

A thought to start the week with: Pets

Posted in Things We Love

My dogs are aging: Ottie, at 14, is getting deaf, has cataracts and crippling arthritis; Portia, at 10, is battling with an auto-immune disease. I know my time with them is getting shorter and shorter. Yet, they soldier on. They cherish shorter walks, basking in the sun on winter days and sleeping next to me.

(5) Things we love..#160

Posted in Things We Love

As I shuttle from my job at the hospital to my dog’s sickbed, I feel I am in caregiver mode 24/7. Internet, books and my beloved New Yorker are my distractions at the moment, as I am not roaming far from home, to make sure Portia has someone next to her at all times. Here are some things sofagirl sent me, and others I happened upon, that caught my imagination.

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