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Category: Things We Love

(5) Things we love…#158

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I have never seen fires in Los Angeles in December! But there you have it: no humidity, drier than dry and hot. Combined with hellish winds that are not planning to abate until Saturday, four fires exploded, one in the center of the city (Los Angeles is full of large parks and canyons) that closed a major freeway and prevented thousands of people from going where they were supposed to. I will be picking up branches and ashes for days – but, hey, my house is intact (for now)- not something far too many people can say.

(5) Thing we love…#157

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We made it to December apparently. I have been dreading December for the last 12 years, since I started working in the culinary industry, for obvious reasons having to do with parties, attended by others and catered by people like me. Hopefully, this will be the last December full of such commitments. Here a few things that kept me going this week.

(5) Things we love..#154

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As I started my morning with a mug of coffee, reading allegations of sexual misconduct by men as varied as Roy Moore, an aspirant US senator, and Louis C.K., I must confess that, now that the floodgates have burst and in the wake of so many women’s bravery, I walk a little taller, I feel a little stronger than before. Have a great weekend.

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