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Category: Style & Travel

Six unusual things to do in LA

Posted in Style & Travel

lax-restaurantIf you have lived in Los Angeles all your life, or just a very long time like me, it is easy to become complacent and fall into the same routines, even when it comes to our free time.
Traffic can be so chaotic it’s easy to stick to what is happening around where we live, but LA, like all large metropolis, is a bottomless pit of opportunities.

(5) Things we love…#97

Posted in Style & Travel

villa piano interiorSummer is officially here so let me dream a little. Of faraway destinations, of trips I always wanted to take and of places I am longing to return to. Not a bucket list, really, just a list of places I would pick if I could pack my bags tomorrow and go. In fact, I will not take a proper long trip until next November but, in the meantime, I can plan ahead. Would love to hear if you have been to any of these places or what your travel plans for the Summer are.

One piece or two?

Posted in fashion, and Style & Travel

elle macphersonI read, aghast, in an interview with Elle MacPherson, that the supermodel once nicknamed The Body, will not dream of wearing a bikini anymore, now that she has reached 50. Elle MacPherson? The same Elle MacPherson who still looks glorious and gloriously unretouched? I was taken aback and, for a long moment, I wondered whether it was time I re-thought my bikini policy.

Oh the places I’ll go*. Or why road tripping is not for the faint of heart.

Posted in Life & Love, and Style & Travel

FullSizeRender 42My friend David took a chance on penicillin. He has been suffering from a most hideous bacterial infection called klebsiella which has resulted in his body becoming a mass of internal ulcers that have needed drainage, surgery and physical washing. This on top of surgery he had for another situation, extremely unpleasant in its own right. This nightmare has played out over months with David and his doctors trying every treatment known to medicine. Discomfort all round. Operation upon operation. Horrible.

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