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Category: Life & Love

Nine To Five No More

Posted in Life & Love

UnknownI am no stranger to radical changes. When I left the music biz to move to the San Diego ‘burbs and “take over” an existing family, in the form of a husband, two children and two dogs, I didn’t really miss the days spent on the phone, the intercontinental travelling, the constant concerts I had to attend or even the Grammies. I was too busy figuring out what a soccer mom was and what PTA stood for (two scary concepts to this day). The only perk I missed was the expense account which had afforded me nice extravagances I wouldn’t have been able to pay for myself.

In time, a second career blossomed, one which was food related. It lasted eight years and gifted me with wonderful memories, new friends and a different kind of stress. Because I tend to be driven and competitive, it was easy for me to both succeed but also to identify with what I did a tad too much. Eventually, it became apparent that what  I did was not in synch  with what I wanted anymore. Not that I necessarily knew what I wanted but what I did know was that it was time to stop, get off the treadmill and quiet the constant mind chatter that was not helping me unlock the next phase of my life.

The Business of Cheating: Part 2

Posted in Life & Love, Relationships, and Women's issues

This whole “lonely-husbands-meet-naughty-cheating-wives” website thing is a load of bollocks. These sites are simply virtual whorehouses; their red lights hidden behind fancy online mastheads.

What is new is the marketing angle. Devised by pros who know how to pull in the punters. With the singles market satiated, they’ve identified ripe-for-the-picking new ground: the no-sex marrieds.

So you meet a lovely lady called Candy online. Her photo will show a petite blonde (your favourite) – with big, natural (you think) boobies.  She will be in much the same position as you – married, loves sex, husband doesn’t give it to her often enough.  She quit working when she got married (her husband is loaded): and now has all this time on her hands.  One lunch time you will arrive at a neat suburban semi-detached, with a white picket fence and a BMW in the driveway. Only Candy won’t look anything like her picture and once you get inside – she will be all-business.

You’ve been had.

A simple thanks given

Posted in About Us, Aging, Life & Love, and Relationships

In honour of Thanksgiving, sofagirl and I decided to each come up with five things for which we are thankful. We resolved to exclude the essential ‘can’t-live-without’ givens: our fabulous families and friends, our health, our personal safety and the knowledge that we always have food on our tables. Those things, these people, that love – we salute them and deeply appreciate that they enrich and shape our lives. Every day.

For this, we wanted to look beyond the immediate.  To examine the year(s) gone by, to evaluate how our lives have changed – and to see what had become essential in our brave new worlds. Here they are:

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