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Category: Life & Love

Mastering small talk

Posted in Life & Love

I have always considered myself awful at the kind of small talk that takes place among strangers at dinner parties or business meetings. It’s not that I cannot come up with bland topics to dissect for a few minutes at a time but it’s that I find it intensely boring, my eyes gloss over quickly and my mind starts pining for the sofa and a book.

The value of “crazy”

Posted in Life & Love

Most of the waiters and waitresses I work with hope to become actors, singers, screenwriters or any of the ancillary positions swirling around the entertainment industry. They are all pretty, bright-eyed, optimistic and enthusiastic. Most of them come from somewhere other than California and, one day, most of them will wake up to the hard realization that they need to make a living, and that the dream won’t be providing that paycheck after all, let alone fame or fortune.

The bond between sisters

Posted in Life & Love

The last time my sister and I spent six weeks under the same roof was when I still lived at home and shared a bedroom with her teenage self. My sister is seven years younger than me and, since I left home, and the country, at age 23, we spent a couple of vacations together and she made multiple visits to wherever I happened to be living (and, recently, I visited her in Rome) but those stretches of time amounted to no longer than a week or two.

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