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Category: Life & Love

The value of “crazy”

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Most of the waiters and waitresses I work with hope to become actors, singers, screenwriters or any of the ancillary positions swirling around the entertainment industry. They are all pretty, bright-eyed, optimistic and enthusiastic. Most of them come from somewhere other than California and, one day, most of them will wake up to the hard realization that they need to make a living, and that the dream won’t be providing that paycheck after all, let alone fame or fortune.

The bond between sisters

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The last time my sister and I spent six weeks under the same roof was when I still lived at home and shared a bedroom with her teenage self. My sister is seven years younger than me and, since I left home, and the country, at age 23, we spent a couple of vacations together and she made multiple visits to wherever I happened to be living (and, recently, I visited her in Rome) but those stretches of time amounted to no longer than a week or two.

Sticking with one’s tribe to survive the next four years

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protester-baton-rougeI am mulling over the idea of participating in the women’s march scheduled to take place in Washington DC on January 21, one day after the Presidential inauguration. The march is meant, not so much to protest a President who, willingly or unwillingly, will be my President for the next four years, but to send a signal that a majority of women will not take any assault on women’s rights of any kind lying down.

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