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Category: Food & Entertaining

A florentine from Florence

Posted in Baking, Food & Entertaining, and Style & Travel

FlorentineThe year I spent studying in Florence is a blur of long nights in an old shared apartment in the center of town,  walks along the narrow streets to the University building, the ice-cream cones from Vivoli and the double orders of pappa al pomodoro every time I sat down at the trattoria we used to call Unto (the Greasy one). Even then, the throngs of tourists cramming the cobbled streets and piazzas were a nuisance. Unlike Rome, Florence is rather small and it’s impossible to go about your everyday business without having to sidestep multitudes of Japanese, Americans, Germans  and their umbrella-carrying tour guides. As beautiful as the city is, I never saw myself living amid that chaos.

Anything goes (in the pot) Asian inspired soup

Posted in Food, and Food & Entertaining

IMG_1189It seems every large city the world over possesses its own Chinatown – even Bologna, where I grew up, has a sizable Chinese community that either assimilated very well, or else doesn’t trust Italian palates, as every Chinese restaurant in town is simply awful. Los Angeles’ Chinatown might not be as picturesque or as large as New York’s or San Francisco’s, but it serves the city well. Many Chinese still live around it and if it’s good food, produce, herbs, medications, teas or acupuncture you are looking for, you will not be disappointed (for Dim Sum and more varietal Chinese food, it’s a trip to the San Gabriel Valley).

From my mother’s kitchen: potato gnocchi

Posted in Food, and Food & Entertaining

IMG_1133Tonight, on my dinner table, there will be an Indian Passover chicken dish, the way the Jews in Cochin have been making for generations. A Chinese shrimp stir-fry is planned for Sunday. I grew up snooping around  my mother’s very Italian kitchen – with duck a l’orange being one of the very few exceptions – and I didn’t really discover other cuisines until I started travelling. My first forays into the food from Austria, Germany and the Netherlands as a child didn’t me impress me much and even my first French lobster, at age 13, left me baffled. It took a while to train my palate but once different tastes, flavors and combinations were discovered, I was up running. Now, I love researching recipes, from all kinds of sources: vintage cookbooks, magazines, friends and other bloggers.

A little of what you fancy does you good: the real benefits of coffee.

Posted in Food & Entertaining, Health, and Women's issues

I start most every day the same way: with a cup of coffee and peanut buttered whole-wheat toast (which I share with Jack). My cuppa must be medium roast, extra…

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