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Category: Food & Entertaining

Tips for (nearly) perfect sourdough bread

Posted in Baking, and Food & Entertaining

Let’s make one thing clear: I excel at baking and pastries but I am not a bread guru. In fact, the two techniques stand quite apart, requiring different skills and different mindsets. I make loaves, focaccia and quick breads on a semi-regular basis but I am not entirely sure you should follow my bread-making advice. There are much more qualified people.

What great food writing can do

Posted in Food & Entertaining

People often ask me if I watch food shows, if I am addicted to the Food Network, and they seem disappointed when I profess total ignorance in the matter. Aside from a few seasons of the Great British Baking Show I haven’t watched a food show in years. Even the beautiful documentaries on Netflix, like Chef’s Table, lose me after a season or so.

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