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Chocolate hazelnut crepe cake

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I might not have realized it at the time of my visits, but there have been countries I explored, understood and loved through food. While I don’t have fond memories of Dutch food, some of their sweets became some of my favorites and made me want to go back over and over. Jamaica will always be viewed through its jerk consumed roadside (the very first food trucks!). Los Angeles made me appreciate Mexican food. And France…well, I was never a great fan of the typical French fare until I delved more into the less classical and more peasant regional cuisine but lobster, croissants and crepes always scream Paris to me.

The ultimate comfort food: rice pudding

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A tourist visiting Southern California right now would be forgiven for wondering what happened to the spectacular California weather: we have been under a cloud of relentless cold and rain which, if it’s a godsend for our parched earth, it drives the average Los Angeleno to stay home on the sofa as much as work will allow. On days like today, one craves warm and soothing food. Something like rice pudding, for instance.

Plenty of things were made and eaten – a culinary holiday recap

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I am not planning to go on a diet on January 1. Even if I needed it, which I don’t, it would be a pretty doomed resolution. As a matter of fact, I am not wasting my time on any resolutions or intentions for the new year. Just to get through it unscathed and present would be good enough for me. 

Campari and Orange Olive Oil Cake

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camparigirl has been holding down the C&S fort this year like a champ. I wish I could say the same for humanity. But I can’t. Corruption, racism, xenophobia, homophobia and sexism are on the rise. Ignorance and stupidity are richly rewarded. And an asshole in a bad wig is about to take a seat at the controls.

Christmas dessert: any suggestions?

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A few days ago, lured by a recipe I saw on goop, I found myself at the stove stirring a tapioca pudding made with almond and coconut milks and a bit of maple syrup. Since the cancer diagnosis a year ago, I had to make some changes to my diet and eliminating refined sugars is one of them.

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