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Author: camparigirl

Trying to make sense of the world and life through food and words.

(5) Things we love..#160

Posted in Things We Love

As I shuttle from my job at the hospital to my dog’s sickbed, I feel I am in caregiver mode 24/7. Internet, books and my beloved New Yorker are my distractions at the moment, as I am not roaming far from home, to make sure Portia has someone next to her at all times. Here are some things sofagirl sent me, and others I happened upon, that caught my imagination.

(5) Things we love…#159

Posted in Things We Love

Christmas gifts purchased so far: 0. But there is a tree, albeit still tied to the top of the car. How do I manage, every single year, me, the planner in chief, to reach this sorry state of affairs? Maybe I am at the age where I would just want to wish the holidays away…or maybe it’s the ridiculously warm temperatures that don’t exactly scream “It’s Christmas”. May you have a productive weekend.

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