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Author: sofagirl

Handed to me on a plate – a life of entitlement.

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12043126_10153098896243144_1465891234446122258_nI live in a country that has many divisions: race, religion, financial, gender, education, each accompanied by their own particular brand of entitlement. Sometimes I get frustrated by being included in that noun. But, even as I rail against the unfairness, I understand that it is true. As much as I might not like it, or want to admit it – I am entitled. I am protected by the gifts bestowed on me at birth, by the circumstances that existed in the place of my birth, by my education, by the options available to me because of all of these things.

But most of all – because I am wrapped in a pretty pink skin. 

Is staying home the new going out?

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10393894_817224634982597_9001505804267798253_nI am no socialite. In fact sometimes I wonder if I am even social. My idea of a perfect evening is to leave home at 5.30pm, have a cocktail before dinner, eat something that I like – not something that makes someone else happy, wave goodbye at 8.00pm and be home by 8.30pm. Then I can shower, get in my pjs and watch Masterchef.

Life just doesn’t get better.

(5) Things we love …#74

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Artificial Sun TTE MODERN
Artificial Sun – The Tate Modern

A simple week of being back at work that passed by in a flash. I find it hard sometime to believe that time is linear – it drifts in swirls and swoops when I am on holiday, then hurtles by when I am working. This week I was going to include a calendar I saw in a magazine … starting Jan 1, you tear off a day at a time  – until there is nothing left at the end of the year. But that seemed too final and made me a little melancholy. So, I took my time and looked through the links, tear sheets, screen shots etc. that I saved during the holidays, and came up with these five. They cover life as I am living it right now.

The Perfect Asian Chicken Slaw.

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IMG_3956I took a ridiculous amount of pleasure in finding a few scraggly-assed plants in my little veggie plot in McG.

Actually, to call it a veggie anything is a stretch – but it is there and it is ground and it has a couple of things growing in it, so it qualifies in my book. By the time you read this – it will have had a full overhaul and have been dug through and fertilised and well watered by Jan-the-gardener. And he and I would have planted cauliflower, beetroot and butternut seeds and split the garlic chives, spring onion, spinach, mint, peppadew and baby onion lurking along the edges, to see if we can get them to flourish. We will also have tenderly buried some sprouting baby red potatoes – donated by sofadad.

(5) Things we love …#73

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Before I left home for the holidays I was rooting around in my piles of books looking for “Blink” by Malcolm Gladwell. I read the book about a decade ago – it explained something I had been feeling. And encouraged me to act on that feeling. I hadn’t picked “Blink” up since and now felt compelled to re-read it. I had no idea why, but eventually found it in a box in the roof and chucked it into my suitcase. I have re-read it now and realised why the tug at my subconscious. 

The Tyranny of Should.

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727 by Takashi Murakami

I was laying on the sofa yesterday after a messy attempt at making chocolate truffles. It was 39C/104F outside and only a few degrees less inside the house. But for some reason I had felt I should get this done right now. So I did.

Truffle making requires cool. I should have waited until evening – or, I should have had the fans on full bore, moving the dribbles of cool air around. But I didn’t – I attempted to make the truffles in high humidity, with only one fan blowing (because I should be conserving electricity) using the wrong chocolate and marscapone (because I had it to hand and should use it up). As a result it was a shambles.

Resolutions 2016, sofagirl: keep it simple.

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10393894_817224634982597_9001505804267798253_nThere is a zen maze in McGregor, in the beautiful gardens at a retreat called Temenos. Each New Year’s Eve the maze is lined with candles in brown paper bags and the reflecting pond inside the small shrine adjacent is filled with fresh water. People from the village move through the gardens quietly, spend a few minutes beside the reflecting pond, take a piece of paper from the pile provided and write down something they wish to leave behind in the year that about to pass. Then they enter the maze with the intention in mind and walk the path ’til the centre. Once there, they drop the paper into a small brazier and watch as it burns, fanning the ashes gently into the night.

On the way back through the maze each focuses on a new intention – a take-forward into the year that is on the way.

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