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Author: sofagirl

Campari and Orange Olive Oil Cake

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camparigirl has been holding down the C&S fort this year like a champ. I wish I could say the same for humanity. But I can’t. Corruption, racism, xenophobia, homophobia and sexism are on the rise. Ignorance and stupidity are richly rewarded. And an asshole in a bad wig is about to take a seat at the controls.

I think I need a time out … to think.

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6f1d84a589a990a492b4a1aac2e2572eRecently I have felt a little overwhelmed by the myriad things that come across my plate every day. All of it manageable – but in all honestly – I don’t think I am making the best use of my time. Somehow, my end of the sofa seems to have contracted – and I want to address it.

More than anything – I want to clear out the expectations I have of myself so that I can look around with clarity.

The Perfect Tinned Tuna and Fresh Tomato Salad.

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Cooking lunch for 15
Cooking lunch for 15

It is beyond hot at the moment. And beyond busy. The combination of those two things has meant that I have been keeping things simple on the food front. Using what I have to hand, making enough for repeat meals, rehashing.  Nothing new there – but I am also trying to phase out meat in my diet – so pulses, beans and mushrooms have been finding their way into our dinners more often. They have their side effects – but then doesn’t everything these days?  

Be not afraid – dealing with anxiety and fear.

Posted in Relationships, and Women's issues

10437609_10153038959378907_433491740597971405_nFear is padding around on little cat feet in the lives of too many people I love.

The first email I opened on Tuesday morning was from camparigirl. We’d had a conversation a few nights before about managing the disquiet we felt about a future that suddenly seemed so unpredictable and malevolent.

“Let’s embrace the possibility of possibility”, we’d agreed.  “Look outward with optimism. Can only help. We’re all going to die at some point anyway – may as well live until then.”

A sick day well spent being sick.

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IMG_4127Do any of you have a drawer like this? It’s in my kitchen, it’s the second drawer down, I use it every day: it always looks like this.

Things get stuck inside other things, things get put in the wrong way round, upside down, unconfined, out of order. Things lie against the grain. Sideways on. I can never find what I want for looking. And it drives me bananas.

(5) Things we love …#76

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650x366_01190315_garyA fairly wide ranging set of things for this week, or so I thought; until I realised they share a direction, intent, message. Saved into my ‘bookmarks file’ over a period of 10 days. And then discussed with camparigirl on Tuesday night – only to find she is in the same place mentally as I am. Is it the planets aligning, is it that her cancer has focused us both, is it a function of our age? I can’t be sure, but here, for your perusal is what has bubbled up from my subconscious.

The Benjamin Wayne Smith – garlic as a cocktail.

Posted in Food, and Food & Entertaining

Photo by Hannah Waddingon
Photo by Hannah Waddington

Garlic is an interesting vegetable. Its flavour and pungent after-effect divides people into those who do ‘do’ garlic and those who don’t ‘do’ garlic. I used to be one of the latter – loved the taste, but the smell would suffuse my body for days after I ate it. I could feel it fizzing in my blood. I was once sent home from my Saturday morning job at a clothing store because of the aroma I was emitting. “Love garlic too”, said Vaughn, “but let’s face it darling, garlic and fashion just don’t go.”

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