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(5) Things we love..#154

Posted in Things We Love

As I started my morning with a mug of coffee, reading allegations of sexual misconduct by men as varied as Roy Moore, an aspirant US senator, and Louis C.K., I must confess that, now that the floodgates have burst and in the wake of so many women’s bravery, I walk a little taller, I feel a little stronger than before. Have a great weekend.

One. Maybe it’s time to hear some men’s voices on the matter (via sofagirl).

Two. Dawn French is turning sixty and she has some good and witty advice for us all.

Three. And while on the subject of Dawn French, how about her version of falling in love?

Four. “White Famous” is my new favorite show.

Five. The Brits just do advertising better.

Top art: Tracey Emin

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