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Thought for the week…#246

Posted in Things We Love

Even the solitude, I’ve actually grown to quite like… I do like the feeling of getting into my little car, knowing for the next couple of hours I’ll have only the roads, the big gray sky and my daydreams for company.

Kazuo Ishiguro

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  1. Bellissimo pensiero, felice per il Nobel

    October 11, 2017
      • Tutto bene lì? Niente incendi in zona?

        October 12, 2017
        • No, qui tutto a posto. Il disastro vero e’ vicino a San Francisco

          October 12, 2017
          • Grazie.

            October 12, 2017
  2. Sounds like the sort of road trip I’d like to go on…

    October 9, 2017
  3. winstonmoreton

    I reckon you could of written that

    October 8, 2017

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