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(5) Things we love…#146

Posted in Things We Love

I survived the working week from hell and now I am enjoying some deserved rest – and the company of my mom for the last three weeks. Temperatures have cooled down, Ottie is feeling like himself again so all is well with the world. Hope your world is tilting in the right direction too.

One. Because we can’t pass up a hunk with a brain.

Two. A neat project if you have children:

Orchestrated drawings

Three. Here is some advice from Jim Carrey on how to survive these troubled times: “Give up hope. You will feel better”.

Jim Carrey Says He Has Sailed a ‘River of Sorrow’ in Emotional Stage Appearance

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Four. Today is the last day of the Cassini Mission, before the spacecraft auto destructs after 17 years of orbiting into space. Besides the scientific advancements, we sure got some incredible images.

Five. The indulgent question is: iPhone 8 or iPhone X? Here is a look at how the iPhone changed our habits.

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  1. Enjoy and ‘unlax.’ Here’s to a fabulous weekend that provides loads of love and laughter.

    September 16, 2017

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