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(5) Things we love…#143

Posted in Things We Love

I wake up to coyotes serenading my windows, cloaked in fog. They drive my dogs crazy, taunting them from the backyard, eating the dates fallen on the ground. Strange Summer – it hasn’t been hot in a long time and I have only gone to the beach once. Not that I am complaining: we get enough sun here in Southern California. So I will enjoy the last of the cool before the thermometer goes up again. Maybe I will steal a few hours from work next week and sneak to a beach.

One. When I was in NY, I convinced sofagirl Target was a reliable outlet for underwear. We trekked to the one in Brooklyn and were sorely disappointed. Maybe not all Targets are created equal. So I am not sure how many will stock up this line of furniture but there are some pretty things here.

Two. I often decorate my cakes with real flowers, from my garden, as I have an aversion to fondant.

Buttercream Floral Cakes That Look Too Beautiful To Eat

These take floral decorations to a new level (via Bonnie).

Three. Both Sue and I read  this column unbeknowst to each other, and loved it. You might look at your mate differently after (just Google Modern Love Mystery Man – the NYT won’t let me link to it).

Four. Here is one way of beautifying a boring airport hallway. This is Sacramento airport and a map of the Sacramento river, otherwise called a flying carpet.

Five. If you have some time this weekend, and you want to know how focusing on fears rather than goals is important, this is a good video to watch (also via sofagirl).


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    August 29, 2017

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