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(5) Things we love…#141

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There is a photo of me – age 8 – holding hands with a blonde, round-faced little girl: we are both wearing long white dresses and veils, on the day of our first communion. This little girl, who used to live a few doors down from me, is now a (not so round-faced) beautiful and accomplished woman. Who happens to be visiting LA with her family. And I am thrilled they will all be visiting this weekend. May your weekend be as full of sweetness as mine.

 Modern Love is possibly the most read column of the Sunday NY Times. Real life stories about love, in all its incarnations. The editors of Modern Love, after reading thousands of columns, have distilled 15 pieces of advice on how to be a better person. N. 1 is key. (via sofagirl)

Two. Hedi Slimane, formerly of Yves St. Laurent, after leaving his singular imprint, bid adieu to the label to purse his (other) passion: photography. Hedi has lived in Los Angeles, his favorite city, for many years and these are the people he has distilled as quintessential Angelenos, a compendium of the beautiful, the famous and the weird. And those who don’t care.

Three. The ACLU has filed the most fun to read amicus brief on behalf of John Oliver, the comedian whose recent target has been Robert Murray, a coal mine magnate who took offense to Oliver’s reporting. The lawsuit Robert Murray filed is certainly without merit but this legal response is nearly as hilarious as Oliver himself.

The “witches” house in BH

Four. Chances are, if you come to LA for the first time, you will be going to see what Beverly Hills is all about. You will stroll down Rodeo Drive, laughing hysterically at the improbable prices of merchandise. You will not come across Pretty Woman or any celebrities – just a lot of tourists. But BH is not Rodeo Drive and it can be done on cheap – Beverly Hills on the cheapFive. Not that there is ever cause for rejoicing when somebody gets fired but, after writing this, the Google engineer who penned it was fired. Female inequality in tech? You tell me.


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  1. Have fun with your friend! I was so looking forward to seeing that photo of your first Holy Communion. Do post it. I love old photographs.

    August 12, 2017
    • My mother has it! And she is here now. I will have to dig it out from the box it’s in next time I am home.

      August 16, 2017

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