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(5) Things we love…#138

Posted in Things We Love

Summer should be all about hammocks in the shade, cool drinks and laziness. So far, mine has been fairly hectic. I am clearly doing something wrong! But at least I am busy doing things that interest me, being with people I love and, before the days shorten dramatically, I will have struck a balance between doing and…doing nothing. Hope your days are lazy and cool.

One. A girl goes prancing around a sacred Saudi Arabian city in a mini-skirt and cropped top. She posts a brief video on Snapchat. She gets arrested. Provocation? Obviously. But what this tells me is that Saudi Arabian women are throwing passivity, acceptance and trying to change things from the inside out the window. Supporting our sisters.

Two. Awesome. As in: awe-inspiring. And funny. Maysoon made my day and she will make yours (from sofagirl)

Three. From two courageous woman to a klutz. Here is what happens when you are too intent on taking a selfie at an art show.

Four. Post-apocalyptic? Just the desert.

Five. Ikea strikes again. Sofagirl says she would want every piece in this collection. There is indeed much worth scheduling a trip.

Top image: Luca Tombolini

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One Comment

  1. Maysoon Zahid is hilarious. I love that she has a bright outlook and wicked sense of humor.

    July 22, 2017

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