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Month: March 2017

(5) Things we love…#123

Posted in Things We Love

The miracle of Spring has reached our shores. Not that I will have any time to frolic in the sun or  green grass this weekend, as I am working solidly for what feels the longest, uninterrupted stretch ever. To keep me going, and to brighten your, hopefully lazy, weekend here are some feel good and funny stories. Even the one about coffins.

Avoiding food waste in the kitchen

Posted in Food & Entertaining

There is something sofa girl and I have in common: we abhor food waste, always using everything, down to the last bit of sad-looking celery in the refrigerator drawer. I am not sure where we get it from. My mother has never wasted food, and always repurposed leftovers, but even she doesn’t come close to my compulsion. If I bought it, I will find a way to cook it and eat it.

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