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(5) Things we love…#127

Posted in Things We Love

It must be the Spring reawakening dormant joy but my outlook on life is brighter. How would my mood be affected if I lived, say, in Alaska? I shudder to think. A walk on the beach with the hounds and a friend’s play are in the cards for me this sunny and windy weekend. If you have some time on your hands, here you will find some suggestions on how to squander it.

One. I am enjoying a week of vacation which means more Netflix than I should. What I love about the subscription is finding quirky shows that wouldn’t otherwise hit my radar. Four Seasons in Havana is a Spanish-Cuban production which features a crumpled detective and a city stuck in time. Case is also a detective show but, hailing from Iceland, is dark, both in subject matter and in the lives of its protagonists (a drunken lawyer and a tough female detective). And, finally, the second season of The Fall, with Gillian Anderson, British ice queen superintendent solving murder cases in Belfast (if you don’t subscribe to Netflix, these shows can be found on other online platforms).

Two. Age and acceptance. Minimalist video on the subject that I found intriguing (thank you Bonnie, mistress of graceful aging).

Three. There is something sunny about Iceland, the first country ever to introduce a bill that would force employers to prove men and women are compensated equally.

Four. Not that I would ever advocate sinking $40,000 on a watch but I love the idea behind The Slim d’Hermes, L’Heure impatiente. At the bottom of the dial are two counters one can set at whim to measure the anticipation toward a meaningful moment: a first date, a meeting, whatever. When the moment comes, a delicate chime announces it. A whole different meaning to “looking forward to”.

Five. If you are visiting coastal California, go take a walk on the beach, anywhere from La Jolla to Monterey, to see puppy seals. They are beyond adorable and remind us that nature is such a vital part of this state. I would discourage close photo ops or selfies. Seals hate having their naps in the sun interrupted and will startle you with hair-raising sounds before scuttling back into the ocean.

Top image by Thomas Dworzak

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  1. silvia

    Puppy seals can only be seen at this time of the year right?

    April 1, 2017
    • Yes. You can see seals all year round but puppies are generally more prevalent in Spring.

      April 2, 2017

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