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Month: February 2017

(5) Things we love…#120

Posted in Things We Love


I am smelling Valentine’s day already. Cards, chocolates and useless gifts are upon us. I will be avoiding restaurants like the plague and just celebrate at home with a home-made dinner for four this year. Truly surrounded by people (and animals) I love. Wishing you a festive one, whether it’s a walk at sunset with your pooch or binge watching Netflix with your best friend. Just make your Tuesday fun.

(5) Things we love…#119

Posted in Things We Love

To those of you who do not live in the United States, I cannot stress enough how topsy-turvy it feels to live here right now. The rug has been pulled from under our feet and we have not regained our balance. Every day is an exercise in decoding what is happening and the public discourse has spilled into the private, whether we like it or not. Balancing levity and politics is becoming the new norm. But I have the whole weekend off and I am ecstatic!

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