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(5) Things we love…#120

Posted in Things We Love


I am smelling Valentine’s day already. Cards, chocolates and useless gifts are upon us. I will be avoiding restaurants like the plague and just celebrate at home with a home-made dinner for four this year. Truly surrounded by people (and animals) I love. Wishing you a festive one, whether it’s a walk at sunset with your pooch or binge watching Netflix with your best friend. Just make your Tuesday fun.
One. Some fine advice for being more creative from Goethe (via Austin Kleon).

Two. This is where I would like to retire.

Three. Even more reasons to rent through AirBnB.

Four. If you think that spewing venom is a phenomenon of our times, here is proof of the meanness of the Victorians – the other side of Valentine.

Five. I promised no politics but I didn’t say anything about dogs. A friendly reminder in case you are in the market for a puppy.

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  1. Thank you for everything and specially for adoptdontshop

    February 12, 2017
    • camparigirl

      Do you have a pet?

      February 13, 2017
      • No, I don’t, but in case I’d adopt. When my children were small I said I had two wild beasts, it was enough 😉

        February 13, 2017
  2. I loved the “Someecard!” And thank you for for sharing the #adoptdontshop graphic.
    Happy Valentine’s Day. Your version of V-Day sounds like the ‘pawfect’ way to spend an overhyped holiday with loved ones. ?

    February 11, 2017

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