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Month: November 2016

BYOF – or the urban picnic

Posted in Style & Travel

Osteria del Sole

On my last night in Italy, before flying back to the States at an ungodly hour the following morning, my friends argued on where to give me a proper sendoff. Silvia, a woman I have known for over 50 years who is, inarguably, the life of whatever party she chooses to inhabit, suggested Osteria del Sole. We were all rather perplexed.

And then there was one

Posted in Life & Love

Magritte - Empire of lightThere is a light mist in London, which is well suited to my arrival.

Aircrafts and airports are the perfect form of insulation. Nothing can happen beyond the roaring of an engine and the silly movie on the screen in front of me. Nothing can happen among the throngs of humanity moving as one and the blaring lights of the duty-free, beckoning shoppers.

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